The smallest, most flexible VoLTE QoS and KPI measurement tool on the market.

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) has arrived. It promises HD-quality voice services along with a superior quality of service compared to Over the Top solutions (OTT). VoLTE brings with it the ability to offer new services including rich communications, and provides new opportunities to free up legacy spectral capacity.

Deploying VoLTE successfully is a complex business. So for operators, field-testing VoLTE services is fundamental both pre- and post-launch.

Spire offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for both testing and monitoring VoLTE. Proven in the field, these solutions can be tailored to meet specific needs, and have been deployed by some of the world’s biggest operators. NETIMIZER VOLT is a small yet integral part of this offering.

The smallest and most flexible VoLTE QoS tool around, NETIMIZER VOLT is a portable device that’s used to connect up to two (x2) devices to measure M2M audio MOS in-field. Thanks to the fact that it’s driven by NETIMIZER DML, all radio data and other QoS metrics can be measured in tandem. This proprietary device supports an array of auto-call scenarios and is effortlessly simple to operate.

All devices with an earphone jack (or aux-line) can be used to measure audio-MOS scores – so NETIMIZER VOLT supports all major smartphone devices regardless of the OS, including Apple devices.


Use cases

  • Calibrate VoLTE MOS measurements in-field.
  • Conduct in-building M2M VoLTE MOS measurements.
  • Observe radio and other QoS / QoE measurements in real time.
  • Use any mobile device with an aux-line / earphone jack.
  • Supports all major KPIs.
  • A vital component of PANDORA-DV, which allows for E2E monitoring of VOLTE and data services, including QoS monitoring, competitive benchmarking and root-cause problem analysis / reporting.


  • Supports both POLQA and PESQ algorithm for voice MOS measurements.
  • ITU-certified MOS results.
  • Compatible with all major smartphones.
  • Enjoy unparalleled levels of stability during VOLT testing.
  • Light, portable and doesn’t require a battery (use indoors and outdoors).
  • Simultaneously measure QoS KPIs – such as delay, RTP jitter / loss – and other underlying radio conditions.
  • External USB port to provide additional flexibility in configuration.

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