Network-wide QoS and QoE.

Solid customer relationships reduce churn and lead to increased average revenue per user (ARPU). So an operator’s success hinges on a focused QoS and QoE strategy.

When it comes to QoS and QoE monitoring and optimisation, PANDORA QoS places the subscriber front and centre. It includes a small app – NETIMIZER Mobile Lite (NML) – that is downloaded onto a subscriber’s device without impacting on either the service delivered, or the subscriber’s experience. The app records QoS and QoE metrics and uploads them to PANDORA’s server for further scrutiny so that any issues can be resolved proactively.

PANDORA utilises a scalable client-server architecture. This not only means that thousands of subscribers can be supported simultaneously, it also means that actions to address service impediments can be resolved swiftly and seamlessly.

The app can be installed by the subscriber or installed Over the Air (OTA) by the operator in no time. Spire supports all Android-based devices, plus iOS 7 and 8.


Use Cases

  • Ninja Mode runs behind the scenes with no impact on the subscriber.
  • Non-intrusively log high-level KPIs, QoS, QoE and radio metrics from subscribers.
  • Automatically upload data via cellular (3G, 4G) or WiFi.
  • Relay captured data to a secure service.
  • User-friendly – developed for mass use.
  • Lessen the time needed to detect and resolve problems.
  • Tailor to fit user needs (including KPIs).
  • Foster a subscriber-centric understanding between Customer Care, Network Operations and Marketing.


  • Apply trend analysis (with years of amassed data) to inform marketing.
  • Granular statistics generation of marketing data (establish the subscribers’ utilisation pattern).
  • Identify areas of investment for network expansion.
  • Competitor benchmarking.
  • Comprehensive application usage stats.
  • Safeguard SLA delivery to VIPs and corporate clients.
  • Wide usage:
    • Customer version.
    • Engineer version.
    • iOS version.
    • Professional version.
  • Deal with emergency cases proactively: Assign actions to the relevant team, identify issues with a specific model of device and request improvements.
  • Reports are simple to configure.
  • Acquire an understanding of heavy traffic-generating apps.
  • Supports up to 50 sessions and 10,000 licenses simultaneously – limited only by the server capacity.
  • Re-use DML log-files.
Customer Care
  • QoS transparency.
  • Superior QoE.
  • Superior net-promoter scores.
  • Customer-centric network.
  • Deal with complaints faster.
  • Administer VoC to prevent customers leaving.
  • Mutual language with networks / O&M departments.
  • Reduced churn.
  • Lower rebates
  • Fewer repeat calls.
Network Operations
  • Establish user numbers / traffic load for each cell site / area.
  • Use NMP for rich RF data logging to obtain precise network measurements.
  • Install in airports, shopping centres etc., and manage remotely from CMS.
  • Recognise network issues before they have an impact on subscribers.
  • Deploy an engineer to carry out precise field-quality measurements.
  • Determine the network expansion plan, based on reports from real subscribers.
  • Utilise trend-analysis (based on the accumulated data) for site management.
  • Self-test:
    • Without app: Subscriber doesn’t know if the issue is device- or network-related.
    • With app: Both device and network quality can be checked.
  • View of coverage:
    • Without app: User isn’t aware of the network coverage of a particular area.
    • With app: Run the app – view map of coverage.
  • Identify and report problems:
    • Without app: Call Customer Care and make a complaint.
    • With app: Run the app – report problem.

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