The smart way to monitor trends by area, vendor or operator.

PANDORA can be deployed to automate E2E voice quality and data-testing over LTE / LTE-A networks. PANDORA DV enables operators to use any LTE-enabled device with NETIMIZER DML, NMP or VOLT to make test calls to the network in order to gauge voice / data quality and identify root causes of issues.

Calibrate Mean Opinion Scores (MOS) for VoLTE and carry out end-to-end analysis of data performance network-wide. Then compare subscriber-perceived quality against network-defined quality by overlaying this data in PANDORA. In this way, any inconsistencies can be addressed in a more efficient manner.


Use Cases

  • Make numerous calls to the network at the same time (manually / remotely).
  • Clearly distinguish the deterioration of MOS scores network-wide.
  • Spot problems that lead to impaired data and voice performance.
  • Automate data and voice quality over LTE.
  • Carrier aggregation coverage, corresponding the ratio on the map.
  • Conduct an array of tests, e.g. FTP download / upload, throughput tests, VoLTE voice quality test with MOS scores, and HTTP tests.
  • MOS values.
  • Messages analysis (UE L1 – L3 and packet).
  • Record and review real VoLTE calls to the network on demand.
  • Benchmark tests and statistics.
  • Remote measurement control configuration board.


  • View trends by area, operator and before / after network upgrades / changes.
  • Substantial cost-savings with efficient VoLTE quality and data tests.
  • Reduce Opex:
    • Voice Call Test with one device.
    • Only one POLQA licence per server.
  • Benchmark operators’ data and VoLTE services continuously and in real time.
  • Obtain quality metrics via centralised management of VoLTE and data quality – centralised MOS scoring system.
  • Straightforward detection of problems.
  • Trend MOS and data quality scores over time by vendor, area and more.
  • Observe MOS scores / data quality across the organisation in one united view.

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