Non-intrusive Customer Experience Management (CEM).

In order to provide a flawless customer experience, operators must have a thorough understanding of their customers’ network experience.

To provide a comprehensive view of this, Spire’s end-to-end CEM solution combines an array of data sources, including OSS KPIs, coverage, drive-test and site data, along with data captured directly (and non-intrusively) from the subscriber’s handset via the NML app.

The subscriber data captured includes high-level KPIs and service-based information, and the app automatically detects issues that would ordinarily go undetected. Instead of calling Customer Services to complain, the subscriber can, with one click, report the issue directly.

In this way, operators can obtain insights into network and service performance right across their customer base. Available in a variety of modes, NML comes with flexible licensing terms, e.g. direct or indirect / operator branded etc.

  • NML Customer – subscriber-centric application, user-friendly GUI, survey / problem reporting, QoS metrics / other KPIs.
  • NML Engineer – for engineering use and for in-field employees. It offers richer features (such as in-door measurement and data capture) and a broader set of KPIs.
  • iNML – QoS / QoE for iPhone.


Use cases

When paired with PANDORA QoS for data mining and storage, NML can be put to good use in a number of ways:

  • Get an in-depth view of the subscriber’s actual experience, by subscriber type, device type, geography and more.
  • Support Customer Service teams with key network data / user history / experience history / fault resolutions.
  • Arm the Marketing department with rich data on user behaviour.
  • Provide business intelligence enterprise-wide, by learning, for example:
    • Whether customers enjoy a satisfactory quality of service.
    • Whether customers access the network for specific tasks.
    • Whether KPIs / SLAs are being broken for particular segments.
    • Whether an issue is device-, network- or user-related.
    • Which devices / operating systems are performing (and see how they compare to others).
  • Aided by PANDORA QoS, operators can employ a range of dashboards / diagnosis tools to understand and resolve customers complaints – and in doing so, prevent churn and protect the relationship.
  • Value to the subscriber:
    • QoS / coverage calibration.
    • Report coverage black spots.
    • Problems reported to the operator directly.
    • Survey participation.
    • Understand operators’ coverage plans.
    • Understand app usage (vital for managing network traffic).


  • Conduct large-scale QoS, QoE analysis.
  • Reduce expenditure on test tools to lower OPEX.
  • Automatically upload data over cellular (3G, 4G) or via WiFi.
  • Automate tests with centralised, remote-controlled / preconfigured measurements of field units for unattended network testing.
  • Measure and monitor mobile applications QoS/QoE, GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, DC-HSDPA, WiFi (heterogeneous networks) and LTE/LTE-A (3 Band CA).
  • Regulate the performance of network services (FTP, Voice, Latency, SMS, Web).
  • Technology-agnostic: 2G, 3G, WiFi, LTE and LTE-A etc.
  • Simple to use and designed for mass deployment.
  • Requires minimal battery power.
  • Can be adapted to meet operator requirements (including KPIs).
  • Active and passive testing (via Ninja Mode) runs behind the scenes without interfering with the subscriber’s use of services.
  • Modular and extensible:
    • Customer Experience Testing features, e.g. throughput / MOS values etc.
    • E2E CEM system.
  • The PANDORA reporting /visualisation server-system can be:
    • Tailor-made to precisely meet client needs.
    • Provided either as a service in the cloud (OPEX) or purchase (CAPEX).
  • Measurement scenario can be configured and transferred from central server.

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