Efficient, remote-controlled measurements.

NETIMIZER DML-Auto offers a cost-effective measurement process, reducing the cost of attended network-tests by as much as 70%. NETIMIZER DML-Auto doesn’t require the permanent installation of test devices and can be deployed in many locations, such as a moving vehicle, to perform dynamic tests. Test devices are controlled remotely, and automatically upload status reports and measurement files to a central server, allowing real-time monitoring of in-field test units.


Use Cases

  • A range of remote test units can be supported: NMP, DML, PM10, MDM3 and Spire’s proprietary ARU (Auto Remote Unit), specifically designed to ensure that no human intervention is required during tests.
  • Maximise revenue and minimise churn, utilising the user’s view of the network.
  • Predict and fix issues instead of merely collecting data.
  • Test for voice and data service quality.
  • Supports all major scanners.
  • Capture network data (both yours and your competitors’) to measure and troubleshoot network and service performance.
  • Offer ongoing customer-centric feedback on your network’s QoS.
  • Capture QoS and performance data automatically across all major vendors, services and wireless technologies, 24/7.
  • Analyse statistics and data to identify configuration issues and the root cause of capacity bottlenecks.


  • Technology-agnostic – 2G, 3G, LTE and LTE-A.
  • Employ off-the-shelf commercial devices, not costly ‘engineering mode’ ones.
  • Ongoing and economical network testing.
  • Remote-controlled measurements – no need to supervise a drive-test engineer.
  • Test-probes automatically send measurement files (via FTP) to the server.
  • Fully automated data processing chain.
  • Schedule and create measurement scripts easily with DML’s calendar view.
  • Assign test devices with particular measurement scripts, with a focus on multiple geographical polygon zones.
  • Send server settings via SMS to remotely add new probes to the system.

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