Evolution doesn't wait. Neither do we.

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Evolution doesn't wait. Neither do we.

With tireless innovation, foresight and a determination to be first to market, we'll continue to drive mobile telecommunications forward.

A fertile new landscape.

As digital technology reshapes our world, the ‘internet of things’ is fast becoming a reality. For network operators, the proliferation of devices and applications offers limitless potential. Yet our connected world brings with it twin challenges – heightened competition and a greater demand for broadband services. This in turn demands a more robust subscriber offering.

With the customer’s eye on quality of service and experience, rather than technology and price, forward-thinking operators know that they must find ever cleverer ways to acquire subscribers. Just as importantly, operators must arm themselves with the insights to keep them.

Our approach.

Spire provides proprietary, technology-agnostic tools to monitor and optimise wireless service delivery across multiple devices, mobile services, technologies and vendors. But it’s that priceless human ingredient that makes our technology sing and dance.

By overlaying network performance with customer insight, our consultants help to piece the data puzzle together. In doing so, we bring unparalleled levels of clarity, revealing how network performance impacts on customers. As a result, subscribers can enjoy peerless service quality.

Operators, infrastructure vendors, device manufacturers and regulators rely on us for our wealth of expertise, which spans consulting, design and development, systems integration, engineering and training. Uniquely, we offer an integrated, unified and vendor-independent view. And significantly, our proven solutions are both modular and scalable. Coupled with faster turnaround times for custom modifications and feature development, this brings substantial cost savings and operational benefits.

Our vision.

Every day, Spire explores the possibilities of this connected world. We imagine where tomorrow might take us and focus our efforts on accelerating progress. Propelled by tireless innovation and a determination to be first to market, we’ll continue to play a leading role in the evolution of mobile telecommunications. With our prescient advice and our ongoing collaborative support, Spire’s customers can anticipate trends, identify opportunities and gain that all-important, competitive edge.

Spire. Applied intelligence.

Team Members

GunHwa Kang – Founder, Chief Executive Officer.
Location: Seoul

GunHwa has worked in wireless since the nineties, initially as a researcher at ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), a non-profit government-backed organisation that in recent years has been at the forefront of technological excellence. For the last five years he has held numerous senior positions at KT (Korea Telecom) in areas such as radio access design, QoS systems development and various other OSS/BSS systems.

GunHwa was named CEO of Spire in 2001, with a clear vision to create a leading provider of system solutions that brings clarity to network and service performance – thereby accelerating seamless communication between people.

GunHwa holds a Masters in Computer Engineering and Telecommunication from Kyung-Hee University, Korea.

Seichul Chun – Chief Operating Officer.
Location: Seoul

Seichul (or ‘Jeffrey’) oversees global customer operations including sales, business development and customer support for Spire.

Starting his career at Samsung SDS (formerly Samsung Data System) and NCR, he later led sales and service operations with a number of technology companies including AT&T GIS, AT&T CommVault Systems Korea and UNO System. Jeffrey was the first major recruit for Spire and played an instrumental role in securing some of Spire’s largest and most loyal customers.

Jeffrey holds a B.A. in Computer Engineering from Kyung-Hee University, Korea.

Bhavesh Parmar – Managing Director, EMEA
Location: London

Bhavesh is responsible for building all aspects of Spire’s presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has worked at a number of venture-backed start-ups, including Mobile Systems International (later acquired by Ericsson).

He has over 20 years experience in international business development and has worked across multiple geographies including the US, Japan, Korea and Africa. Over the last decade, he successfully started and established Accuver’s test and measurement business, where he was also a board member.

Bhavesh holds a B.A. in Accounting and Economics from the University of Liverpool and an M.Sc. in International Business from Manchester University.

KyungSu Park – Chief Technical Officer
Location: Seoul

KyungSu (or ‘Andy’) shapes and develops Spire’s products – systems solutions, software tools and hardware. Andy orchestrates Spire’s technical delivery to all customers worldwide and has experience of multiple programming languages and associated methodologies, together with a deep understanding of wireless systems in general.

Andy was awarded a Ph.D. in telecommunications from Kyung-Hee University.

KwangSik Kim – Chief Financial Officer
Location: Seoul

KwangSik is a highly experienced finance professional. He is responsible for all areas of finance, legal matters and administration.

Prior to joining Spire in 2003, he honed his skills at some notable institutions, including Digital Media Tech, where his prime role was Head of Finance and Investment.

KwanSik holds a Diploma in Accounting and an MBA from Han-yang University.

Changsoo Lee – Director, Japan
Location: Tokyo

Changsoo joined Spire to lead the Japan office. He is wholly responsible for Spire’s operations in Japan and has secured a number of major contracts to extend Spire’s market share in the region.

Previously, Changsoo held a number of management positions at KT Japan, in the field of radio access, optimisation and network strategy evolution.

Changsoo holds a B.A. in Electronic Information Systems from Nippon Engineering College.


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